Can not upgrade Syncthing in SyncTrayzor

I can’t upgrade Syncthing in SyncTrayzor. After I installed SyncTrayzor, it said that I can upgrade to v1.0.1(I use this version on my Ubuntu machine), but I can’t upgrade to it at all. I’m still at v0.14.51. Anyone has ideas? Thanks a lot!

@canton7 does synctrayzor disable upgrades?

In theory you could just drop in a new binary and it should just work.

Are you on the newest version of Synctrayzor? I vaguely remember a problem with upgrades having come up not too long ago.

Nope, upgrades are allowed, not sure why Syncthing can’t upgrade without more info. Can you post the contents of the console? The location of syncthing.exe is in the README.

Thank you, guys! The main reason why I can’t upgrade is that Github accessibility is not stable in China. At this time, it has upgraded successfully.

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