"Can not move the file to a different disk drive."

Hello ! :slight_smile: Thx for the soft.

I have a problem with a kind of files. A syncro dosen’t works.

I have a message (in a destination PC): “Can not move the file to a different disk drive.”

In a “source” PC, Syncthing just says : “Items not synchronized”

Do you have an idea?

(I’m on Win10)

Thx a lot.

Guytolky :slight_smile:

please post screenshots from both sides


PC 01 ( Complet document)

PC 02 (Unsync documents)

Do you have versioning setup? If yes, your versions directory is on a different physical disk, which is not supported as you cannot rename files across disks.

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Sorry i understand …a versonning is a “backup” version ? Ho Yes i active this option in all PC :confused:

If i use “recycle bin” you think better to Syncronise ?


Not sure I understand your question.

Hello. Bug fixe ! I change the Backup Option to " Use like Recycle bin" and all documents was synchronize.


Thx a lot :wink:

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