Can I use syncthing to replace samba shares?

Hello everyone, I am new to syncthing.

I now have a samba share that is accessed over a pritunl vpn. Users can access documents under demand. This is a Linux server running samba and ~10 clients with windows 10/11.

Setup is not perfect and I am wondering if it is possible to replace with syncthing. These are 2 Tbytes of data, with ~200k files in it. I don’t want to sync per se, but use synthing client to allow random access.

The closest FAQ entry I could find is:

Any insight would be well received. Regards, Sebastian.

That is not what Syncthing does. No.

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Acknowledged. ¡Thanks!

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Of course that would not be the main scope of syncthing, but this possibility could be very useful for devices with a limited storage space, like smartphones. Why not simply allowing browsing of files of a shared folder? And eventually download a selected file for local view.

I am not an expert, but I can see a bunch more of signailing needed to be added to require what gets sync and what not and the current state of the sync in order to implement this kind of access.

It would be interesting to understand what changes would be needed to allow browsing of a shared folder, and selective download (i.e. one-way sync of a whitelist of files)