Can I sync (send only) data from Android/data/... in Android 11?


I’d like to sync a folder from this area (send only) to backup call recordings, but I can’t get to it to select it.

The folder is: Android/Data/

All I see in folder selection under Android 11 is “framework” and “media”, not “data” - even when I use the three-dots to “show hidden files”.

I can see the files there through another app when it asks what looks like the same folder selector for permission.

I appreciate that, in this area, only the app creating it should make any changes. As such, the normal monitoring and .st* files should probably be disallowed.

Any thoughts on the possibility?

Thanks, Tim

You need to use the Web GUI and manually input the path there. You also probably need to have root access and enable it in Syncthing beforehand.

I use root access to move the files to another folder first periodically. Not worth the trouble running Syncthing as root.

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My device isn’t rooted, so I was hoping that, as File Manager+ can ask for the permissions, there was another way to ask for those permissions and work with syncthing.

The Web GUI / pasting the path just gives me, unsurprisingly, “permission denied”.

In the absence of any more ideas, I’ll just manually back these up using File Manager+ every now and then.


“File Manager+” doesn’t access files under /Android/data/ but uses a Android API for access. AFAIK that API cannot be used by Go, so cannot be used by Syncthing.

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Can we conclude that the feature of accessing /Android/data on Andoird 11+ won’t happen? Really bad luck to me, I used Syncthing to sync all my Phone data to NAS periodly before, especially /Andriod/data containing lots of App data, but now I cannot do that.

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