can I export/import syncthing settings?

Hi, want to move my syncthing configuration from one maschine to another. The old maschine should not be part of syncthing later on. Is this possible? Is there a way to export setting, disable this maschine and import settings to another maschine, without do all the settings again on this new maschine?

any hints, tips are welcome :slight_smile:


Copy the config.xml, cert.pem and key.pem files from the config directory. Do not copy the index database. Update any folder paths that may have changed in config.xml. Prefer doing this when things are either in sync, or with the destination machine being “blank” (everything will be synced to it).

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If the new mashine has the same platform (e.g. 64Bit Linux -> 64Bit Linux) and the paths are the same, coping the index folder shouldn’t be a problem.

… assuming the folder contents are identical to the machine the index comes from. :slight_smile:

(The index format itself is machine independent, and paths are folder-root-relative, so theoretically it could be moved anywhere. But if it doesn’t match the actual files on disk, bad things may happen.)

Maybe would be a good feature in the future to backup all Syncthing settings over the webui in one backup-file :wink:

Exporting in this case doesn’t help as the paths are likely to be different and still require manual intervention, and there are other tools for filesystem backups so not sure what the value would be.

I thaught more about only the syncthing settings, not the data :wink:

The paths to the data are in the config, and not editable in the GUI.

thanks for your hints +1 :slight_smile:

@calmh can I copy named file cross plattform? In one case I will switch from win32 to linux32 edit: had a look to xml-Windowsfile. I think it should be portable to linux, if dos-path are changed :wink:

If I used this file partners don’t notice the change and nothing had to be paired again?

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