can i add a computer or remote device before i setup it up?

So, i have my main computer and work on different computers every time, so i thought about making my computer kind of a server when im not home with Syncthing, and then for example going to work and in that computer downloading a file from my home pc, i was searching about this and found nothing, also tried changing my id because that could work by setting an example id as a remote device and then changing it when im on the other computer, and thats my main question, can i add a remote device without setting it up yet?

If you mean by “before setting it up” that you’ve never run Syncthing on it in advance, then yes it is possible. Otherwise you need to know the existing device ID from the remote.

So to generate a new device ID for another instance, use the separate subcommand with a new home directory:

syncthing generate --home=temp-home --skip-port-probing --no-default-folder

Then zip up the temp-home directory, transfer it to the new computer somehow (USB drive for example) and unpack it where Syncthing expects its config files on that machine. See Syncthing Configuration — Syncthing v1 documentation for the correct location. Be careful when overwriting old files there, as any existing device ID can never be brought back without the cert.pem and key.pem files.

The new device ID is printed by the generate command, so you can add it locally and share folders to it before actually going to the remote location.


Thanks man, this really helped me

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