Can a folder inside a synology home folder be synced?

I am able to create a shared folder in synology and sync to and from that folder.

Right now I have 2 phones sending photos to synology photo which is a folder under my user folder/home folder.

I can map the folder to a volume for synology to use (docker) but when I do synology does not see any files in said folder.

I thought it was because synology does some weird things with home folders so I mapped 2 (example):

\home\user\Photo (mapped to \Photo) and also \homes\user\Photos (mapped to \Photos) but both ways syncthing still does not see any files. The folders seems to be shareable because I do not get an error but I guess it is not looking at the actual folder. Anyone knows if it is at all possible to sync that folder to other destinations? or there is no way to share that?

Thank you. My progress on this particular project has been slow.

In a word, yes. The only limitation is for Syncthing, Docker and host side all have the necessary file and directory permissions.

Thank you for the reply. Is there some documentation you can point to? I used docker and I am able to create the map/volume to the folder I want to share \home\charlie\Photos and I map that to Photos for docker to use. When I go to the GUI the folders looks shared but its empty. I allowed the user synthing to have read and write access to the \Photos folder and also to \home\Charlie and still nothing.

Am I missing something else?

Maybe not missing something, but rather the various permissions don’t sound like they’re all in alignment.

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