"Camera" Folder default settings ?


On Android ST first run or install, a Camera folder is created. Please what are specific config values for this folder? I recently installed Syncthing in an Android by importing config from an old one and discovered “Ignore delete” is set. I wander if I set it myself long times ago or it is intended and if there are, if any, other special default settings (or which files to dig in sources). I’d rather like not uninstall and reinstall to check.

Many thanks

I have it installed on my work phone but don’t use the Camera sync. It’s at the default settings. My “Folder Type” is set to Send Only. Is this the option you are talking about?

Hi Swarfega

No it is not the Send Only feature. Instead it’s the ignoreDelete we can set from Advanced menu and shows in the GUI.

I did read that in the docs, but I can’t see it on my folder despite the docs saying it’s in the ‘Advanced’ settings.

My ‘Camera’ share doesn’t show any ignore pattens configured. However, it is set to ‘Send Only’ so ultimately the same configuration you have, albeit your phone is also receiving. Maybe this was configuration you created before the developers made a change to configure default camera shares on Android to Send only?

Sorry, my bad: the screenshot above is wrong (I simulated it from my laptop).

Instead it was the “ignorePermissions” setting I cared about, which is available in the standard first level GUI (Folders’ Advanced tab)

Yes that is enabled by default for me too. I’d imagine because it’s Android…

“Disables comparing and syncing file permissions. Useful on systems with nonexistent or custom permissions (e.g. FAT, exFAT, Synology, Android).”