Call for extra testing

I just made some pretty fundamental changes to the file transfer (“puller”) code. It fixes a bunch of old bugs there by definition (the buggy code no longer exists), but I don’t know how many new cool bugs I’ve introduced. It passes my testing, but so did the old code. :wink: Anyone willing to take the builds at tagged “v0.10.0-beta”-something for a spin before the next release has my gratitude!

(I retroactively tagged a v0.10.0-beta.1 build so the scary stuff are in such builds only; the v0.9 branch is now maintenance only.)

I just update my nodes to v0.9.18+13-gb8ed135, and everything still works :thumbsup:

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May be lost or corrupted data?

Anything is possible, not excluding the appearance of nasal demons. But it’s much more likely something else might break; syncthing is fairly careful to not break your files.