bytes field exceeds size limit

Hello, I have a linux machine and a windows machine that I am trying to get syncthing to work on. I had it working a few months ago but have since moved. Here is my network topology. Linux machine > verizon router (used just as a switch now) > windows machine > verizon router to the internet. When I try to connect my windows machine to my linux machine I receive this error on the linux side: [VRNAP] 17:40:06 INFO: Established secure connection to LWKTBAQ-SKW2GPV-TZCTPO7-2CXQPLI-PZ7CAKZ-52WUYXQ-RQ5YNAD-DIJFQQ2 at [VRNAP] 17:40:06 INFO: Connection to LWKTBAQ-SKW2GPV-TZCTPO7-2CXQPLI-PZ7CAKZ-52WUYXQ-RQ5YNAD-DIJFQQ2 closed: xdr read: bytes field exceeds size limit; 2891581320 > 64

On the windows side in the log it just says: EOF.

This is with syncthing version v.0.11.0-beta1 on linux and version v0.10.29 on windows.

Read what it says on the beta’s release notes.

Where can I find those?

Where you downloaded it. :)

Ha! Sorry about that. thanks!

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