... but seems out of sync with reality :D

I just love these type of humerous error messages:

Device ALICE folder Blah is delta index compatible, but seems out of sync with reality

But in earnest: What can I do to ground Alice?

Background: The error is probably be “man-made”. I had two folders with more or less the same content on ALICE and BOB but never hat them synced. Then I activated the sync and realized that there are files which I’ll never need, so deleted those on ALICE. Apparently the time stamp of one of the files was newer on BOB so ALICE tried to get the (newer) file from BOB. While both were busily talking, I’ve ssh’ed to BOB and deleted the file there are well. Now both are sort of assuring each other that the file is somewhere. I’m sure they both don’t have it. I’ve also tried to delete the temporary files that were created on both sides, but they keep being recreated. Ah well, I though, leave it to them to fight it out. They did for some time, but now ALICE is identified of being out of reality… How can I help (apart from restarting Syncthing on both at the same time)?

I don’t have the code in front of me but I think that message indicates index corruption (Alice is saying her highest index serial number is something lower than what we’ve already received from them, or something higher than we could possibly have sent, I don’t remember which), and just results in a full (non-delta) index send.

Ah! So it is sort of self-repairing (by exchanging the whole index instead of just the deltas)? Waiting will do it?

Yeah, it should auto correct:

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