Building note taking app on top of Syncthing - feasible?

Hello Syncthing team,

There are many note taking apps on GitHub, and most of them target self-hosted scenario (e.g. running on Rapberry Pi) hoping to be an alternative to Internet based note products (e.g. OneNote, EverNote, etc.) However there is a competency lacking that is a content level synchronization (vs File level sync) for these self-host alternatives. This makes it hard for collaborated editing scenarios (e.g. family members editing the same notes on each of their own devices)

Let’s say I want to build a Markdown based note taking app, and hoping to utilize Syncthing API for fulfill this content level sync in order to support collaborated editing, instead of coming up with a new protocol myself - Is this feasible?

I looked at Syncthing documentation but not seeing anything relevant to my need. Any hints, suggestions would be much appreciated!


I’d assume this is likely going to be the biggest problem, as Syncthing doesn’t support any kind of file edit merge based on “diff”. If both sides edit the same file, you end up with conflicts (or one of them is overwritten if conflicts have been disabled).

For the record, there are 3rd party FOSS note taking applications that can use Syncthing for synchronisation already (e.g. Joplin), but they also don’t support this type of collaboration.