Buggy receive only folders


i have been watching the new version (v0.14.50) of syncthing for some time now and i believe there is a bug with the new “receive only” folders:

When there are local changes on a “receive only” folder it shows these changes on that device as “local state” AND “global state”.

My instinct tells me these changes should NOT count as global state.

And that this could (if propagated to other devices) cause a lot of confusion in the cluster. After all these folders are receive only and should ignore local changes (as advertised in the little info text when selecting this mode).

I hope this helps to make syncthing even better!

Thanks for you great work and dedication!

Greetings Fred;

If they didn’t, the changes would be immediately undone as they would represent something older than what the cluster has to offer.

When propagated to other devices, these changes get a zero version and the invalid bit - meaning, essentially, “I have an infinitely old version and I’m not interested in sharing it with you”.

I’m sure there are bugs as it’s a new and relatively untested feature, but these things at least are intentional.

But it outputs also the directory characteristics, permissions, date, etc. and I want to display only the directory name

… what?


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