Bug in "fastly" recreated/changing files?


this is not my observation, but after finding an interesting blog post about Syncthing perhaps deleting data pointing out a reproducer and suspecting a bug, I’d like to point attention to the issue. Unfortunately the blog author didn’t file a report here, so that’s why I’m doing it. Hope it helps or some maintainer has an idea what’s going on here.

Quote from @Aeyoun

This reproduces it for me. Setup a test directory to sync with two or more remote systems. (I’ve not managed to reproduce with only one remote system syncing.) Change into that directory and run the following Bash one-liner:

for i in $(seq 1 8000); do echo $i > $i.test; done && \
sleep 60 && rm ./*.test && \
sleep 2 && \
for i in $(seq 1 8000); do echo $i > $i.test; done && \
sleep 20 && ls | wc -l && \
rm ./*.test

It should print8000after 82 seconds but prints some lower number instead. Change the sleep timers a bit and repeat a couple of times if it doesn’t happen right away.


If someone ran the repro and can repro, we should open a bug.

Tried to repro and got 80000. I doubt one can see anything else with the given example: There’s just 2 seconds between removing and recreating the files - that’s too fast for Syncthing to ever see the removals.

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Thanks for testing, Simon. I’ll also try that myself in a quiet moment :slight_smile:

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