Bug in Android SyncThing?

While trying to get outside devices to connect to my own Discovery Server and sync over the internet, I may have come across a bug in SyncThing for Android:

While my Windows machines have no issues connecting to the global announce server or to the fixed public IP of a Windows SyncThing device, Android cannot connect to either! I tried this with the Windows device tethered to the Android device … I also noticed that editing the address for a device in Android, e.g. “myIP.com:22000, dynamic”, turns this into “myIP.com:22000, dynamic”.

Go on Android does not support DNS resolution, which means you have to use a numeric IP address.

So how do I automatically get a numeric IP from a domain (which I use as Dynamic DNS since I don’t have a fixed numeric IP)?

You wait for August, which will release Go 1.5, which will have dns resolution fixed on Android.