Bug: Filesystem watcher warning(s) when using Windows directory junction

Text of message from Syncthing:

2019-09-06 22:51:11: Watching for changes encountered an event outside of the filesystem root: f.root==\?\C:\Etc\Dev, root==\?\f:\dev, path==\?\c:\etc\dev. This should never happen, please report this message to forum.syncthing.net.

It should be noted that on my system, C:\Etc\Dev is a directory junction that points to F:\Dev . Syncthing has C:\Etc\Dev as a shared folder.

I would suggest editing the title of this topic to something like “Bug: Windows junction confuses watcher, hits assertion” and moving to the support category

And lately they request bug reports be put on github instead.

I suspect a workaround for this problem is to change syncthing to use F: to point at this directory instead of accessing it via C:\Etc But that might not work, perhaps the problem is that some other process on the same machine updates a file in that directory via the path that syncthing is not using.

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Regretfully, I don’t think I have permissions yet to do that. I just signed up to post that report, and I suspect that the forums are limited in the permissions they grant to new users. That makes sense from a security perspective, but unfortunately prevents me from changing the subject.

Hopefully one of the moderators will be able to make the change, siunce in hindsight that’s a far better subject line than I originally used.

I’ve renamed and moved the topic. Also wanted to note that this issue is already being adressed/worked on here: https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/pull/6013

Yes, bug reports belong on GitHub, but this message specifically says to report this in the forums instead, so leaving it here is fine from my point of view.

Other (Windows) users reported the same messages lately (1, 2), so there’s definetly some strange stuff in the Windows watcher.

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Thanks, I completely forgot to mention that here.

So, will that fix be included in the synthing/synctrayzor update?

Looks like the fix missed 1.3.0, but should be part of the next release.