Both shares "up to date" but syncing stuck at 0%

I have multiple shares via 2 computers that work fine, however one share is stuck at 0% syncing. They have properly synced though, as I’ve checked the file numbers/sizes on both system. The global and locale state also match. Under share folder they say “up to date” on both systems, but under remote device it still says 0% syncing.

It’s been like this for over 3 weeks. Tried restarting/updating Syncthing, renaming the shares, unsharing and resharing, etc.

Any ideas?

Check the logs and check that all folders are correctly shared bidirectionally. Otherwise, check logs on both sides.

This is a master/slave setup for offsite backup, so bidirectional sharing is not what we want. It’s set to share only on the master.

I see no errors in the log other than: [6XION] 16:06:19 INFO: Failed to exchange Hello messages with (DEVICE ID) at EOF (Edited out device id and IP)

However I think those are just from past connection attempts since the WebUI shows we are connected.

Well if the other side has modified files, then the other side will look out of sync from the send only perspective, that is documented.

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