Both devices report each other as "Up to Date" but data is not synced

Syncthing had been running fine for a good while, then it stopped syncing the folder. The data was not synced for several days and it required a service restart on both ends to fix it. The funny thing is that both devices showed each other and the shared folder as “Up to date” in the GUI.

Version Information

Syncthing: v0.14.48 (both ends) OS: Windows (64 bit) on Windows Server 2012 R2 (both ends)

UPDATE: This also happened a few hours ago with a different remote device and shared folder.

I’d be ideal if you could provide screenshots and logs, that would give lots of relevant information up front.

Did manually hitting the scan button in the UI have no effect?
What does the “Latest Change” on the folder and “Recent Changes” (bottom right) say?

Also check that folder ids, not just labels match.

I’m trying to get a hold of the logs on the remote end. Unfortunately logs on my machine have already been discarded.

I’ll update the thread ASAP.

Unfortunately the other party was not using the synctrayzor bundle, so their logs have been overwritten as well.

As a consequence of what happened I was going through the forums and trying to find info about log rotation. From what I found I am deducing that the stance of the main devs is that log rotation should be handled by a logrotate deamon, and not syncthing itself.

But syncthing is a cross-platform software and not all platforms support log rotation natively (mainly Windows). So this begs the question: why not give the user to use something like lumberjack, if they want? Keep it disabled by default so that the standard behaviour doesn’t change, but at least having the option would be nice.


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