Hello all Syncthing’ers!

Possible to make syncing of files through bluetooth?

No, sorry.

yeah, i have the very same question, SyncThing works great for what it does, still:

Bluetooth is offline and ALWAYS available - this means sync is possible all times and without limitations of any sort

the requisite to be online is a true limitation and “unnecessary” if files stored offline are mirrored between offline devices. It does not enlighten me why Bluetooth is not an option.

Bluetooth is not very quick, but who cares - sync happens in the background, so it does not matter how long it takes

Why is Bluetooth not an option?

Because literally nobody had cared to investigate how that would work or tried to implement it.


Wireless Hotspot offers more bandwidth and you don’t need an internet connection for it to work together with Syncthing on the phone. (I didn’t use that myself but I think there’s also a “tether internet via Bluetooth” function in some phones. Less bandwidth, but maybe this can be also abused to run with Syncthing if its TCP/IP based.)

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Nice idea :slight_smile:
The reason why i added my 2 cents is, i live in a rural area - and yet in 2021, we experience blackouts, bad or no network at all. Even by good weather (hilarious i know - you get the usual redirected formal excuses if asking / complain to your local power provider - phone provider introduced bots so you cant even bother them if you want :joy:).

Unluckily i have to live with these technical limitations, so of course this makes me look forward for less dependent solutions in a broader sense. No blame to anyone. Would be awesome if SyncThing would add Bluetooth to its repertoire

Still I don’t see why that would stop you from syncing over a local WiFi hotspot? It’s supported by most phones nowadays, and is much faster than any Bluetooth connection.

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What’s the advantage over a normal wireless router that you connect all your devices to (both using wire and wirelessly)? You can surely use a router offline without any Internet access, can’t you?

I’d also argue that Bluetooth isn’t really always available, simply because the vast majority of desktop computers don’t have any Bluetooth capabilities, so you’ll still need to find an alternative way to connect those. On the other hand, basic networking is built in into everything nowadays.