Blew my mobile data, how can I fix this?

Hey guys,

I found this thread that answers some of my questions but not entirely:

What happened is that my new phone apparently turns off wifi when doze kicks in. I run TitaniumBackup over night and when syncthing synced it, it blew right through my mobile data.

I wanted to see if it was possible to enable the ‘sync only on wifi’ on a per folder basis. I guess that’s what’s being discussed/requested in the thread I linked.

Someone mentioned that disabling something about global discovery would effectively do what I want, but I can’t find that setting on my client (Android).

The thing is, I don’t want to enable the sync only over wifi globally because I have several other folders that I want synced continuously.


Disabling global discovery will prevent your Android from syncing with your desktop outside you home Wifi. If you are syncing to a laptop and take that with you and have the Android in the same Wifi (or generally the same network) as the laptop, syncing should also work.

The setting is in settings -> Syncthing settings.


I found the setting, I was looking under Folder Settings.

This will disable all my folders from syncing over mobile data, right? So currently, there is no way to prevent an individual folder from syncing over mobile data while allowing others?

Not really, no.

Although, one possibility would be to have two Syncthing instances running at home. One for mobile and one for Wifi only. The Wifi Only will have global discovery disabled so the Android cannot find it when not connected to home Wifi.

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Ah that’s actually a good idea and easy to implement.

I’m going to play with that over the weekend.

Thanks for the help!