Big folder is Out of Sync

I have configured Syncthing on my computer (Linux Mint 18), my phone (Android 7.1.2), and my raspberry (Raspbian GNU/Linux 8). Unfortunately I have a problem with the raspberry: one folder is “Out of Sync”. How can I fix this problem? (The folder contains 25GB of files so it would be better fix the problem without having to erase and recreate it).

You need to determine why it is out of sync by looking at the list of files and their status. There are a myriad of reasons why it can be out of sync: It might be still syncing, it might not be connected to devices anymore, it might not have sufficient permissions, …

Thanks Simon for the reply, I think I can exclude some of the reasons that you mentioned, for example:

  1. There are other folders connected between my devices and they’re not out of sync.
  2. It’s not still syncing because the problem started more than a month ago and the other folders are always up to date.
  3. I set all the permission in the folder on the raspberry (and on the other devies) to 777, but after a scan it’s still “Out of sync”. Other ideas? Is there a log file I can share?

Syncthing logs to stdout, check that.

I have setup like this and was having problem with “out of sync” [but it was long time ago]

Check this option out

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