Best way to sync for more users?

Hi, I just want to ask, what is the easiest way for this setup:

About 6 users (all trusted friends), one “server” (syncthing running on nas4free box). Each user can have multiple devices and multiple folders. Some friends may want to share folder with other friends or possibly with someone outside.

Is there something like “accept all” setting for the server, or do I need to agree on every new device and folder request? I would ideally like to allow every of the trusted friends to add new devices and/or folders to the server independently without confirmation requiered. (Maybe configure server to have “base path” for folders and just create the folder as subfolder in base automatically).

Is something like this possible?

EDIT: I discovered this, which is similar: May I apply syncthing for multi user? If I undertand correctly, the server would need to be accesible over http, then each user would have account and run their own instance of syncthing and would administer his own “server” over web gui… but currently our server is not exposed at static IP…

Is something like the “promiscuite” server accepting everything automatically possible? Or what is the best way to setup this?

There was a ticket on got hub for auto accepting shares. I will have a look when I get home.

Github Ticket:

So introducer can be used for adding additional devices, but nothing for adding folders.

The github issue is exactly what I wish for and there seems to be more people needing this. So hopefully this will get some attention… It would really help witch certain setups.

You’ll see there are a number of not fully straightened out questions in the ticket. A good starting point would be for someone to write a proposal of how this should work, in actual detail and without handwaving, while really trying to consider all the tricky cases (we’ll have to handle all of them in the code).

We have probably made things a little easier for us by the new random folder IDs as it’s less likely you’d get two unrelated devices both wanting to share a folder “photos” with you, with the photos in question not being the same. It can still happen though and is something we need an answer to how we expect it to work.