Best way to selectively sync some MP3 files to Android?

I’m trying to use Syncthing to sync a subset of my music over to my Android device, but I’m not really sure how to get my Android device to automatically delete files that I don’t want to sync.

I want to sync music on a file-by-file basis: e.g., a few MP3s from one artist, but not all of that artist’s music (I have too much music to fit on my device).

I tried using an .stignore file in my PC’s music folder, using ! lines to identify the individual files I want to sync (generated by a script), then letting Syncthing process it on my PC and move the files to my device.

This mostly works, except that if I want to remove files from my device, ignoring the files on the PC side (i.e., removing the ! line) does not remove the device from my device since Syncthing now ignores the file.

Is it possible to achieve this use case with Syncthing? What would be the right approach?

I do not think that such an automatic deletion is possible.

Maybe not the most convenient, but how about simply having a separate music folder for Android, where you would copy the files to listen at the moment. Once no longer needed, you could just delete them from the folder on the PC.

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