Best Way To Resync Individual Files


I have a couple of NAS units set up with a Send/Receive folder at each end. One of the units is reporting a checksum error on a small number of files - so I need to resync these files from the other unit.

What’s the best way to do this?

My initial thought is to touch the files on the unit without the error - but will that potentially cause a problem where the unit with the error tries to reuse existing data (which is known to have a checksum issue)?

Some of the files in question are inside massive folders which are still mid-initial sync (with files going in both directions) - so I’m not sure that setting one end to Receive-Only and then Overriding Local Changes will help here.

Thanks for any insight!

This is the way. Syncthing will hash the data as part of syncing it.

Great - thanks @calmh!!

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Wouldn’t this take the short-cut route in the puller as no blocks are modified, thus the corrupted block (on the pulling side) wouldn’t get hashed?


Hmmm - that was my concern (though without knowing the full terminology for how it’s implemented here)…

Perhaps it would be best to delete the file at the end with the error, then restore the file (from versioning or a safety backup) back into place at the good end. Then I’ll know the bad file has been rewritten.

One option might be to rename the file on the source. FFS, we have an optimization for that too. :facepalm:


Or transfer the file to the machine where it’s corrupted in any other way.

In principle there’s also another option, but it’s ugly and requires a scan (as you said you were in the middle of a long-running sync): You could ignore that exact file, make sure to scan (to mark it as ignored in the db), delete it and then remove the ignore rule again.

Haha - literal LOL from me to that!

@imsodin Ah yes, of course. Good calls - thanks!

Transferring the files through another means feels like the safest way to do it - I’ll go for that!

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