Best way to install on Mac

Sorry to be a noob. For windows, I installed the trayzor version. For mac, there is only the core version on the downloads page. I could not find any install instructions for this, beyond run the syncthing executable. However, this is missing the step on where to put it. By default it ends up in downloads, which is probably not the best place. Can, or should,the syncthing dir be moved to Applications? Or perhaps just the exe? Or should it be moved under documents? what is the best practice for OSX? How do we get it to startup on login?

Note, I tried copying the entire syncthing dir into applications. I then used spotlight to find the syncthing executable, but it says developer cannot be confirmed. Google helped me find a way to get round this, but this would be great in the install/readme for OSX.

If an update comes, or I need to move the dir, how does one update the core without losing the shares (which are difficult to setup as finding the right person, and getting authorisation again, and waiting for them to be online at the same time as you takes days)

I saw discussion of a native OSX app, but its not on the official downloads, so assume its a non officially supported project? There is also GTK, but there seems to be no Mac version (only appImage for linux and a windows installer)

Any clear instructions/Best practice for installing on OSX appreciated. I need to create a bomb proof install guide for the Marketing department who all use Macs, but dont know much about brew/terminal/unix.

Also as part of the install/initial setup, we would want to specify the dir where its going to put all the shared folders. I looked through the documentation, and the UI, but could not find the place where you can set the default location. Any ideas? When you “add remote device” (in order to try to get the shared folders) it doesn’t allow you to set this either.

UPDATE. i have just found this in the manual. Setting up auto start on the Mac is not going to be possible for most users, which explains why 99% of people in our organisation are always offline…

You can install syncthing using homebrew (and set it to autostart using homebrew), or see this list in the docs

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Use this:

Simple, easy, works without fail.

thanks schnappi. That link only has an image, and a link to the original synctying repo. Any idea where you can get this mac version from?

You are right.

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