Best way to clone my RasPi SSD to a larger drive and leave Syncthing intact?

Hello all,

I have what is probably more of a hardware-related question for the RasPi4 that I run my Syncthing “server” on…

My RasPi4 is currently set up with a USB-to-SATA3 adapter connected to a 120GB SATA SSD. It is also configured to BOOT from this SSD. I am finding that I am running low on storage space, so I was planning to buy a larger SATA SSD to use for this setup, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to best clone the existing SSD to a new one and still be able to boot from it?

It has been quite some time since I set up the boot process with this SSD (originally it would use the SD card as the boot device (prior to the firmware supporting and SSD-only boot configuration). I recall having to configure things to modify a few files with to point to a modified UUID (I think that is the correct acronym at least). So I am wondering if I just use cloning software (like Macrium Reflect on my windows PC), will it preserve the links described above? I need to go back and find the guide I used for configuring the boot from SSD option, and also confirm whether I would need to modify anything that is on the SD card to make this work.

So was just wondering if anyone out there had attempted this with a Pi that was running syncthing (and if Syncthing would have any issues after an SSD clone like this)…


I would simply set it up from scratch, sure, it will take time to rescan everything, but it’s much safer that way

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The easiest and simplest way is to

dd if=old_drive of=new_drive bs=100M status=progress

It’ll work just fine and your syncthing setup will carry over (obviously).

Once on the new drive, just resize the part and fs to fill the drive, you can also do this through raspi-config.

I’ve done this twice with my rpi3 and for the migration to rpi4.

Thanks - I actually ended trying a couple of different methods. First I used Gparted on my Ubuntu laptop, and later on I actually used the built-in SD Card Copier within Raspbian. I will keep the dd option in mind if I need to do it again!


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