Best practices with multiple devices

I’ve set up 4 devices with more to come. Would it be best to use one device as my primary and all other devices synced to it, or would it be better to create syncs between all devices. Obviously, the second option is more work to setup and maintain but I’m wondering if it would be more redundant in case my primary sync device fails. Thanks.

It would be. Though you can also do that extra pairing at that time. Otherwise it should be entirely equivalent.

Sorry, I’m not quite clear on what you’re saying. Can you please clarify? Thanks.

I think it was related to what you said about redundancy. More links means better chances to keep going after a failure of your central device. But when that happens, you can still pick any other device and link it to all others. You don’t have to decide upfront what your topology looks like.

Bear in mind though that Syncthing memory usage increases not only with the number of folders, but also with shared folder / device links. That might be a concern if low-powered devices are involved.


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