Best practices to migrate my config to different user account on same device?

Good morning. Let’s start your day off with an easy question to get some momentum going for ya. :slight_smile:

Pretty straightforward question. Created a new user account on my mac due to issues with being able to access it via Screen Sharing, it now matches my user account name that I remote to it with. (Probably could’ve resolved that another way but we’re here to build up your confidence.)

Syncthing was not installed as a service/daemon, only starting when the user account was logged in. I don’t use the other account any more, but do keep it around as I’ve read that bad things can happen when deleting the first user account.

Given 20+ folders that were shared on the old user account, I’d like to not have to redo all those from scratch, plus the accepting on other devices. So, what’s the best practices in this scenario?

I’ve found Migrate from user app to system service as a potential solution, but I believe that would only add value in some remote scenario where the power goes out for 8+ hours to drain and shut down the laptop, it magically starts itself when the power comes back on, and then a service would start whereas a user app would need to be logged in. (Let me know if there are other benefits… solo user device)

ST hasn’t been run on that device for months now, as it doesn’t seem like a big task, but I have the feeling that if done wrong, there can be a lot of damage done, as I did make a few tweaks to the folder structure and really want to make sure it uses the most recent file as the authoritative one.

My gut says, shut it down (I fired it up on new profile and took me a hot minute to figure out why everything was missing), copy/move config file from old to new profile, make adjustments of folder paths as per my new profile AND the slight modifications I’ve made, then fire it back up.

Anything I’m missing or is there an easier means? Only about 100Gb of data in total, all syncing on local network so it wouldn’t take that long.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort. Have a great one.

I can’t help with any details as I’ve got no knowledge about the macOS, but I’d strongly advise to pause everything and/or set all folders to “Receive Only” before shutting Syncthing down and doing the migration. This is what I’ve been doing and it’s saved me quite a few times in situations, e.g. where the paths weren’t adjusted properly.

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Safe, solid, foolproof assurances… Cheers.

Here goes EVERYTHING! :slight_smile:

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