Best practice for multi device sharing on different networks?

Hello everyone,

I am having the following situation which I am look for the most efficient syncing setup:


  • Android Smartphone
  • Office Laptop
  • Private Laptop
  • Home Server


  • KeePass database across all devices
  • Pictures from smartphone camera to home server
  • Music from private laptop to home server

Syncing routes:

  • A: Sync KeePass database across all devices
  • B: Sync Pictures from smartphone camera to home server
  • C: Sync Music from private laptop to home server

Now I planned to use syncing route A on all connected networks (home wifi, office wifi, mobile network) while syncing route B and C should only be enabled when the related devices are on the same network (=home network). How ever, I can’t set folders per network so I might run into the risk of my smartphone trying to sync 20GB of pictures from my office wifi to my home wifi.

Additionally I wonder if all devices should be connected with each other and all share & sync keepass database with each other or if it would be smarter to have all devices connect to my home server. The home server then shares and syncs with each individual device. This is especially in regards to battery life on my android smartphone.

Thanks in advance!

There is little chance that your phone will try to sync 20GB of pictures unless you take a good deal of them :stuck_out_tongue:!

The real problem here is that you can’t set sharing policies per wifi network (only cellular VS Wi-Fi). The question I’m asking myself is: why would you not use your corporate network?

The only advantage of interconnecting all your devices together is that they will always find a way to sync even if your home server goes offline.

I’m interested in the answer myself, so that’s why I’m answering. Curious about what more experienced users will answer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well a few minutes of 4k/60fps video recording already result in several GB’s of data. In any case, I do not want to transfer such amount of data via my companies network because it is generally speaking not allowed to use for private data and because I want to save battery life on my phone while at work. So I prefer to sync at the evening when I am home.

Ye well I could atleast sync all my devices together except my phone which will only be synced to the home server. Just to preserve battery life on my phone as much as possible (by reducing possible connections with syncthing).

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Since no one answers here, what I did is:

  • Android Smartphone syncs only when on AC and only via local network
  • It is only connected to Home Server and Office laptop
  • Everything else is connected to Home Server which acts as distributor to all devices.

With this I could potentially run in the problem of changing e.g. my KeePass DB on my phone, then going home and saving something new into the KeePass DB on my laptop, which then syncs instantly to my Home Server but will then conflict during the night with my Smartphone.

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