Best OS for Raspberry Pi 2 to use synchting

I’m gonna use one of this machines as a server, so I was thinking which operating system could be the best one.

I have read that there are problems with the cpu being overuse, so I thought I would be a better idea to run a linux distro withouth ux, and manage it by commands or ssh.

I was also thinking about usung ubuntu snappy core, due to the fact it is very light and seems to be secure enought, but I’m not sure if this can be possible.

Any suggestion or ideas?

I think that debian is much more lightweight than Ubuntu, but never the less, the problem is not the distribution people are running, the problem is the physical CPU speed and lack of encryption instructions on the CPU.

Not sure if that’s robust enough for you but I’ve been using Raspian without problems.

If the data you want to sync currently exists on a computer that is more powerful than the Raspberry Pi, you should first start Syncthing on the more powerful computer. Once Syncthing has completed scanning the data for the first time, copy the Syncthing database to the Raspberry Pi.

The initial scan is by far the most painful aspect of running Syncthing on these dinky little ARM boards that lack hardware accelerated crypto.

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