Best option for receive-only

Hello again,

I’ll try to be as concise as possible.

Machine S shares a send-only folder with machine R1 (receive-only). I add a third machine, say R2, which happens to be in the same room as R1.

My goal is to have another copy of the folder on R2, but ideally the two machines should not download the same files twice from S. When possible, they should download from each other.

Initially I paired R2 with R1 so, more explicitly: I opened R1 config, entered R2’s device ID, shared the folder with R2… but nothing actually happened. So a few hours later I also paired S and R2, and R2 actually started syncing.

I think this may be the expected behaviour, because the folder on R1 is receive-only, so I’m not sure R2 can actually receive anything from it. is this correct?

should I change R1 and R2 to “send+receive”? I guess this should not affect S, but they may be able to propagate changes between them.

thanks, MH

R1 and r2 will download stuff from each other as long as that stuff is advertised by s1 and they actually have it.

So, I should leave the pairing R1-R2 in place, but also connect R2-S?

My empirical observation is that with such config, R2 downloads only from S (it’s actually receiving just metadata, because it started from a copy of the files)

If you don’t want to download from s at any cost, you can leave it as you have it, but in theory r2 should be able to download from r1, the question is if stuff lands on r1 quick enough for r2 to use it.

Before turning R2 on, R1 and S were in sync.

When I connected R2 with R1, it didn’t do anything for a few hours, so I decided there was something wrong in the config. I connected R2 to S and it started downloading metadata from S. Maybe this happens because it’s the first sync?

Anyway, I will leave both connections in place.

p.s.: what would happen if I change R1 and R2 to “send+receive”, but leave S “send only”?

Any changes on r1 and r2 would be sent back to s1, who would refuse to accept them and stay out of sync.

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