Bandwidth Limitations in LAN

It is possible to Ignore Bandwidth limitations for LAN? I have a 1Mbit Upload Connection to the Internet and i limit the Upload to 100kB/s. Unfortunately this limitation affect the LAN Connection too where i have 1Gbit.

Sadly no. We don’t classify connections, and the limit is global for all connections.

Its not possible to check, if the other device has a class A*, B* or C Address?

A and B a bit problematic. They also used from some Carrier for GSM/LTE/UMTS Users.

The fact that you are in a LAN doesn’t always mean that you will not want throughput limits applied, atleast I wouldn’t want to.

I guess you can do throughput limiting to the internet via some other way, especially if you are on Linux.

Why not use the general limit option for this and change it to ignore this in the lan. If the Limit is set to 0 or -1 its unlimited. (A New check box would be a bit much)

And no, i’m not on Linux and in each case a third party tool for limit the speed is necessary. Syncthing can limit the speed global, so it should not a big deal to exclude it for local networks (No, i can’t do it, i’m not familiar with the syncthing source or go).

Yeah, I guess it’s worth a ticket on github as an enhancement.

I have open a ticket by i can’t find a way to label it as enhancement.

I did that, as I think only collaborators have rights to do that.