Badge "Translator" still references Transifex

We have a badge on the forum for people contributing translations:

I don’t know how Discourse finds / synchronizes the users to grant it, but maybe we should extend that to take into account the new Hosted Weblate translation platform?

I’m amazed that/unsure if it still does its thing, given the Discourse API is likely to have changed in the intervening almost-decade.

There seem to be some other badges as well that fail to get noticed. I’d think my commit count on the main and docs repos should be high enough for some of those for example. Not complaining, just noticed some houskeeping might be in order there.

Another one I’ve become curious about is Certified badge on Syncthing Community Forum. No idea whatsoever where I can find the “New User Tutorial”.

Quite possibly the auto badge plugins have in fact stopped working at some point. The Discourse provided ones I don’t really know, the new user tutorial for example certainly wasn’t a thing when we were new users here…