Backup using syncthing

Folks: I am creating some 4K video and suspect that overtime this will become very large. My laptop also has a limited capacity (600GB SSD).

My plan is to create a syncthing between a laptop and a small OpenWrt NAS that has one drive but is passive). Sync the Video between them both and create the Trash versioning for 15 days [on NAS only (nas:/hdd/syncthing/syncdata/Video)] and that they can be recovered if I find out about a WIP video accidental deletion.

The finished video will reside in a subfolder (nas:/hdd/syncthing/syncdata/Video/final-video).

The final video folder will be synced with a zfs (raidz2) openmediavault in garage that will be switched on only one hour a day). The folder on zfs will be marked as send only.

Every 10/15 days I will delete the files from both the finished video and from the working folder above that.

My hope is even if the finished videos over time became 2TB they can still be found on the zfs as it set as “send only” and won’t loose an earlier file.

This way, I can keep working with limited ssd space but create an interim back up as well as long term backup for finished video.

Am I making it too complicated for a smile use case?

Any comments will be appreciated.


I am not sure what you question is. Do whatever you feel is right, however given this is a one way thing, and some device is only online an hour a day, I wonder if just an rsync on a cron would not be better.

Thanks Audrius. Excellent suggestion and I will check that out. It does sound simpler. Thanks again.

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