Backup of phone stuck with error

Hi !

I really like Syncthing, but I can’t make it complete my backup of my phone on my laptop. Here is my use case :

Does anybody can help me ? I had this bug with v0.11 and it’s still there and I can’t figure out why this is happening.

Thanks !

Click on the failed items text when it becomes available, and fiz the errors there.

The problem is here : the Failed Items stays like this forever…

So I don’t see any errors in the log to be able to help you.

This can also happen when ignore patterns are changed so that files we wanted to sync are now ignored. A restart removes the out of sync items in that case.

I don’t made any change on .stignore since days. A restart of SyncThing and a remove/add of the folder isn’t solving the problem neither…

That’s too bad, but thank you for your help, though…

Can I tell SyncThing to make a brand new sync of this folder ?

Could it be that some of the files (the failed ones) are getting changed on the computer after they are synced or revritten by any means?

This could typically be, which would cause things to be eternally out of date on Android devices. If so, this should work in v0.12.3.

(Edit: that link is the fix, not the problem!)

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