BackUp NAS devices with one computer

Hardware setup:

  • one computer

  • two NAS devices (apps can NOT be installed on them, they are just NAS)

Is there a way to backup NAS devices - to sync from one NAS to another using just ONE computer?

Any special hack?

For that is no Computer between needed, only from NAS to NAS, that work alone.

Which NAS you have?

Please note that Syncthing is not a backup solution, its a Sync solution. Use backup software of NAS.

NAS: Buffalo LinkStation LS-WXL487

In Sycthing will be set only send and file versioning turned on. This is a backup scenario.

Okay, it’s a “light” version of a backup, basically it is possible. However, you are not sure that you will lose your data in the event e.g. of a volume failure etc. Now that’s philosophical, I understand what you want to do.

As far as I know, there are no ready-made packages for Buffalo NAS, maybe via your Buffalo’s package center? Otherwise only the manual installation would remain, but you should then know the Linux basis.

Perhaps read the documentation as well:

I think, finally for installation you can use

I use that on a Linux Mint installation.

My lad installed Synthing on a Linkstation LS220D at the weekend (oddly enough) for a laugh. It’s running Linux ARM. However it has slow write speeds, hovering between 20 - 40Mb/s. Read speeds are at near full speed.