Backup File Deletions and Versioning

I literally discovered Syncthing yesterday so don’t be too hard on me (!), but I’ve read through the documentation carefully for file versioning and I don’t think ST can do what I need which is…

I’m migrating from Seafile which keeps a history for a period of time of all file versions so that they can be reverted. I need to replicate this with ST.

As I understand it, Simple just keeps a set number of revisions. The other variants of versioning only keep the latest one for the time period (per hour, day, week etc). Have I understood this correctly or does it actually keep every version for that time period?

If I’ve read that correctly, is there any way of achieving what I need (ie ever revision for 30 days)? Any revision older that that can (and should) be deleted. So if I don’t make any change for 31 days, there should be no versions left in the back folder. I was wondering if the cleanoutdays setting might be used for this or whether if is ignored with simple versioning.

If there isn’t such a facility, and no plans to create one, I’m happy to hack something together and share if others would find this useful.


There is support for external versioners, so you can implement your own by writing a small bash script or whatever.

Also, you have to understand that syncthing only versions remote changes, it does not version local changes.

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Thanks for confirming my understanding and for pointing out the way versioning works re remote vs local which I had not realised. I only have versioning turned on for the backup server/node so that isn’t an issue for me.

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