Backing and restoring a "primary" Syncthing node

Our use case for Syncthing is a “primary” peer, running on a server, to which any number of edge devices, usually out in the field, are synced (they have no awareness of each other). It will be extremely challenging to change the configurations of these devices.

What we need to be able to do is:

a. backup all relevant shared folders on the primary peer

b. backup the configuration for the primary peer

c. reinstall Syncthing onto a new server

d. enable the current edge devices to continue to share folders with the “new” Syncthing (without any change to their configurations and without them having to re-share all their data)

Is this scenario possible, and what steps/processes are needed to enable it?


If you copy the folder contents (and paths) and the Syncthing configuration and database that should be fine.

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Confirmed that this works.

I keep a backup of the config directory for each server, just the config.xml, cert.pem and key.pem. Beware that if someone else acquires these files they will have access to all the files of every connected device.

Each of my Syncthing servers in a cluster sends their config to one another, setup as a send-only set from each server, send-receive on the others (Ignoring *.db, *.ldb, *.log).

The database files are not as important, they can be rebuilt and it is risky to restore them if there have been files changed since they were backed up.

See also this discussion: How to save configuration of Syncthing


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