Avoid deletion when removing on source

So I just lost over a terabyte of files on the receiving end because they were moved out of Syncthing directory on the senders side. How do I avoid this ever happening and costing me literal days to transfer again?


Syncthing’s versioning on the receiving side, maybe filesystem permissions on the sending side, maybe instruction to people with permissions/capabilities to remove terabytes of data, … And in the end it’s again backups, because there might always be something you don’t cover.

So there is no setting in Syncthing to stop files from evaporating when they disappear from another Syncthing location? No way to stop that change from messing up all other systems?

Syncthing synchronizes changes - if a change messes up your system, then it will happily synchronize the mess. As I wrote you can setup versioning, such that when deleting/changing files it creates a copy of the old file first. There’s also an an advanced, not recommended setting to ignore deletions alltogether.

It did what is was designed to do, synced the changes.

If you don’t want that to happen, then perhaps you are better off running a periodic rsync, as it seems syncthing doesn’t suit your scenario well.

The advanced option mentioned is more pain then joy, because it will effectively mess up other things, like status reporting etc.

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