Avid Nexis/MC and syncthing files


We have m1 mac studios that we are using. when we transfer files via syncthing from one mac to another… and then upload to Nexis File systems and try to open them on Media Composer it causes the mac to crash… we have had one lucky scenario where opening MediaComposer and then nexis after let us work for a few minutes but then crashed like 5 minutes later. please advise.

If the assumption is that Syncthing alters media files during transfer between two Macs (perhaps causing data corruption), and that Avid’s NEXIS storage appliance serves the corrupted media files perfectly to Media Composer, at most it should result in an error message in Media Composer.

It’s Media Composer’s job to properly handle invalid media input. But even if Media Composer crashes due to bad input, the odds of dragging macOS down with it are very slim to none.

Given what’s known so far, the most likely cause for a Mac crashing is flaky hardware, or a bug in Avid’s client software (the latter is required to access the custom network filesystem on the Avid NEXIS storage appliances).

twas a bug i believe it was giving some darwin kernel panick and i looked around and the only thing that fixed it for us was uninstalling V23 and getting V24 installed… no crashes so far after that… we did download 24.5.x and we do want to try a more legacy version before sticking with this one.