Automatically re-sharing files

Is there a way that would allow you to automatically “re-share” a file?

Example: Four machines A, B, C and D

  • A & B are connected with sync thing, as are A & C and A & D.
  • B & C, however, are not connected directly together. Nor are (B & D) or (C & D).
  • I would like for every time B shares a new folder with A, that A will offer to share that same folder with C and D.

I am specifically trying to circumvent having B, C, and D know anything about each other (they each only know A exists).

Is it possible to accomplish this kind of automatic relay behavior (even if it means using a hack)? I understand this is not the standard use case syncthing was designed for.

No, there is no way to do that, you’d still have share it forward manually.

Is there a reason why this could not be accomplished using the REST API? For example, have a daemon process that periodically queries the system config for lists of devices and folders, identifies any new folders that have only a single device, and then POSTS an updated system config which has added the other devices to the new folder?

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You can absolutely do this via the REST API, that’s what the “manual” way is in the context of the above. :slight_smile:

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