automatically move conflict files to another folder

I seem to get a lot of conflict files and most of the time the content is the same but there have been changes in permissions. (if I set things up in a way that minimizes conflicts, then my permissions keep getting reset (bash scripts))

What would be great would be an option to dump all conflict files into a different specified folder that is outside of the syncthing system that I could go to if I suspect a significant difference, but that otherwise doesn’t show up in file searches. That way I could separately set up a script to delete files that are older than a specified age.

We’re not supposed to create conflict copies unless the contents differ. Can you reproduce this? What’s your setup in terms of OS and file systems involved?

Ok, you’re right. I’ll try being more accurate. I have a lot of little text files that I’m always modifying with bash scripts. I suspect that maybe syncthing is too fast detecting changes before the script is through (?? just guessing). But anyway, the need is still there: 99% of the time the conflict file is not the correct one and I’d love it if they could just be put somewhere else in the filesystem.

As an aside, is there a way to delay the comparison time between detected file change and when Syncthing does its thing so I could test the hypothesis?

As for Os setup: 1 android phone, 1 raspberry pi, and 4 linux computers, with lots of folders shared on most or all computers

You can disable conflict at the cost of date loosing the other side of the conflict.

I found this:

where you said this: “Yes, set maxConflicts to zero for the folder, in advanced config.”

but I can’t find in the settings where to set that. I looked in the per folder settings, including the advanced settings and also in the general settings and general advanced settings. Is there a new way to do this now?

thanks, Dave

It’s in the general advanced settings under the harmonica for that folder.

Oh, found it, thank you very much! (I didn’t think to click that list of folders)

As you say “detected file change”, I assume you have the FS watcher enabled. In that case there is an advanced setting to delay scanning of detected changes: FSWatcherDelayS in advanced settings.

Honestly, I think dumping the conflicted files into a rubbish/debris bin/folder would have been neater (like MEGAsync). I’m using SyncThing for game saves and this can make folders a bit messy if the game has multiple auto saves or just files in general. The folder will get crowded pretty fast.

I won’t disable the game’s auto saves or disable conflict backups, because I won’t compensate for the app. I will 100% minimize the amount of conflict backups tho, because that’ll get crazy fast!