Automatic upgrade: "too many open files" preventing/delaying upgrade?


2019-03-27 17:32:53: Automatic upgrade: open /Applications/syncthing476261253: too many open files

2019-03-27 17:36:08: Saving config: open /Users/user/Library/Application Support/Syncthing/.syncthing.tmp.915999079: too many open files

I don’t know, if I’m interpreting the Message correct, but it seems, the “too many open files” are preventing the automatic update.

I’m not asking for help with the “too many open files” issue, I just have not seen this issue preventing an automatic upgrade of syncthing.

Usually, I just wait some time and the upgrade is done silently, but here it seems the open files message won’t go away.

Or may it only the message, that is irritating and everything is ok?

God knows, fix the open file issue, we are not going to do guess work how it behaves if the overall state of things is bad.

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Running out of file descriptors is generally a disaster, expect that nothing works and that it will crash shortly.

Thank you both, I see now.

I did not realise, the “too many open files” affected the whole syncthing process too. I thought, this was a per folder issue only.

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