Automatic Upgrade Problem

I want to turn off automatic upgrades, but the build option -no-upgrade doesn’t seem to be working. Here’s what I have done:

  • I have downloaded the latest source today from GitHub/syncthing.
  • I modified the GUI index.html and overrides.css to remove a couple of menu items.
  • I ran: go run build.go -no-upgrade.
  • The executable, syncthing.exe was created.
  • I successfully run syncthing.exe and it launches the browser, correctly showing the GUI changes I made.
  • Then, a message pops up saying that an automatic upgrade was made and to restart.
  • The browser restarts, showing the original GUI without my changes.
  • My syncthing.exe is changed to syncthing.exe.old.

I don’t want the automatic upgrades to occur if they replace the GUI changes. What else can I do since the -no-upgrade option is not working?

You can override the GUI assets by setting the env var STGUIASSETS.

A *.bat file to start syncthing in that way could look like this:

set STGUIASSETS=C:\mystgui\

Since I don’t want to use a BAT file, how can I implement the solution in my build.go file so that automatic upgrades won’t happen?

Use -no-upgrade, it works. But do it from a clean tree, otherwise things that were built without -no-upgrade may still be used. Clean using build.go clean if you like.

Thank you Jakob. I’m not sure on the build.go clean… Do I run that as part of the same command string when I build with -no-upgrade? Or is that a separate step?

To be more specific, when I run go run build.go -no-upgrade, do I add “clean” in that string somewhere?

No, you clean first, then you build as you were doing. Try it, experiment a bit.

Great. Thank you for the tips… I haven’t used clean before. I’ll try it.

Thanks again. That works great for my Windows build.

I tried to build a Linux Binary, but it failed using that method. I get this error several times as it attempts to build: crosscall_amd64: adddynlib: unsupported binary format

And then at the end, it shows: exit status 2 exit status 1

Any ideas? This is using my custom build.go that uses the -H=windowsgui flag… But I thought from reading other posts that I could keep that flag across platforms.

No idea, sorry.

After further testing, I took out the -H=windowsgui flag for my LINUX build, and the build runs fine. I’ll note that in the other discussion.

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