automatic upgrade failure

I have racked my brain trying to solve this. When I click on the upgrade button i get the following error:

2022-07-06 15:21:42: upgrading: open /usr/bin/syncthing994908883: read-only file system

2022-07-06 15:26:30: Automatic upgrade: open /usr/bin/syncthing735889942: read-only file system

I have checked the file permissions inside /usr/bin and they are all set to 755 with root:root as owner and group. I guess where I am failing is that I don’t know what user syncthing is trying to write inside /usr/bin and I also dont know about the number behind /usr/bin/syncthing994908883 means? the user I use for syncthing is called mdmwadmin and its in the adm and sudo groups. I feel like I am on the right track, but not sure how to give the correct persmissions for /usr/bin and also not sure which user to give the persmissions to?

any advice would be greatly appreciate.


It’s likely running as a systemd service with hardening applied. Then it can’t write to system directories.

Even without that, a normal user won’t be able to write to /usr/bin (and shouldn’t). If you want auto upgrades I suggest storing the binary in the home directory of the running user.

That would work fine except I don’t know where the binaries are? Is there a way to tell? I think this is why I’m going round and round.

Thanks again for the reply,


It’s apparently /usr/bin/syncthing.


Thanks Jacob, I was able to figure it out. I just needed to move the syncthing binary file from /usr/bin to /home//.bin/syncthing. Once I created the .bin folder in my home directory I was able to move the syncthing binary there. I then had to edit the service config file to start the binary from that directory. This is the command I used.

sudo systemctl edit --full syncthing.service

I then changed the startup location to reflect where I moved the binary and all is working fine including the automatic upgrades.

thanks again for your help!!!


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