Automatic sync with hard wire connection (USB) or bluetooth

Hello, I have been using Syncthing for a month or two now and it works wonders, but I am still new to how it works. I am wondering if it is possible for me to sync just like I do on the internet with a hard wired or blue tooth connection?

I was considering a scenario where I would not have an internet / data connection from my smart phone to my laptop but I would still like to sync changes between them.

If it is relevant, I also have an android phone and a windows laptop.

Creating a hotspot with your phone should work.

But this requires a proper roaming data connection, does it not?

A local hotspot should work. You can turn off data to be sure that your mobile internet connection isn’t used.

Bluetooth might not be doable, but even if it were, the bandwidth would be very low.

  • Set up the phone to act as a mobile hotspot (not guaranteed to be an option on all phones/carriers).
  • Some laptops support hotspot mode, so the phone would connect to the laptop instead of the other way around.
  • If the Android phone supports USB tethering (some carriers disable the feature), then that is an option.
  • Many Android phones also support USB Ethernet adapters, so that’s another wired connection option.
  • Another option is to get an inexpensive portable wireless router.

Personally, I think the last option on the list above is the most flexible because it’s not limited to just one device at a time, and once the initial setup is done, is plug-and-play from that point forward. (I have one called the “PQI Air Pen Express” that’s powered via USB:

There was a Syncthing thread about 2 months ago that might be of interest: Sync between a mobile phone(Cellular Network) and PC (tethered with a mobile phone via usb cable).

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Follow the instructions from gadget from 2 months ago. I tested a USB cable, and it works fine in a pinch.

Same cable I charge the phone with.

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