Automatic send-only folders when accepting shared folders

Just signed up for this issue like others. Been using ST for a while to keep mobile/mac files sync with a 3rd online server as a go between in a 3 node fully synced setup. Been working for months until I got a new phone.

Steps to lose files is too easy imo

Recreate steps

  1. create working 2 way sync setup with multiple devices
  2. Add new device (android mobile in this case)
  3. Share folder with new android device Edit Folder > Sharing > Tick new device
  4. Accept new share on android, define new directory for this share

At this point the folder will not sync, only option on mobile is override changes which will delete all files from all nodes.

Further more adding files back on any other node repeats the same scenario, mobile stops sync requesting to override changes which as stated delete the files again.

It would seem impossible to sync files from node1 to a newly added (android if it makes a difference) node3 on a pre defined setup without a master (send only mode).

Expected results When adding a new share with a new node. Initial sync performed to bring new node inline with others.

I don’t get it. This is what happens unless you take steps specifically to prevent the node from receiving updates from elsewhere.

Thanks for the fast response. Newer versions of android 4.4+ I expect only allow readonly to the external SD storage. This in turn will not perform the initial sync so will wipe all data from all nodes.

Future request or enhancement in this area could prevent this from happening.

(I expect internal storage works as designed but like others I copied the same setup to new phone which caused all data to be lost)

I’m sorry, but this does not happen if you follow your “recreate steps”. There is no way to get the “override changes” button on mobile without setting it to Send-Only mode first.

For the record, the “Camera” folder that is included in the Syncthing APK comes set to “Send Only” by default… which, at least in my opinion, may give a wrong impression.

This problem is specific to android, which the original is not, thus I moved it into its own topic.

Actually I think this is legitimately problematic (I didn’t check, but as far as I remember it is how it works): Accepting an existing folder on android and selecting a path where Syncthing has read-only access results in the folder type being “send-only”. In most cases this will not be what the user actually wants, because the existing content will not be synced and the user will immediately be asked whether they want to override - which will wipe all the data.
Here I’d expect the android wrapper to not allow adding such a send-only folder. If for some reason a user still wants it, they can do it in the web UI.


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