Automatic crash reporting

Can we talk about this? Can we make it opt-in instead of opt-out? Can we have the election put on the settings page instead of the advanced configuration page? I’m happy to regularly answer questionnaires–I just don’t want developers (or anyone else) under my hood, if I can avoid it. Crossing my fingers…

That means you want software that is not written by anyone? That’s going to be difficult.

With the popup dialog it already was kinda opt-in, because of the big red “take me out” button.

The problem with these things is always that many users do not choose wisely: The decision is made out of a feeling, not based on actual facts. This leads to loss of valuable data (because of unneccessary opt-outs), which could have been used to actually make the program better. Automatic crash reporting already fixed bugs previously unknown, because never reported.

There are a few valid reasons to disable crash reporting, but these are not applicable for the absolute majority of users. Therefore enabled by default is a reasonable choice - it only improves the program and does not harm you in any way.

Opt-in does not improve anything - neither privacy, nor security, nor quality of the program. Those who really need this disabled have the tools at hand to do this.


The Choice should always be on the users side. And it was, by asking to share date or not.

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