Automate syncing folders when one empty

So here is my setup:

There is one Syncthing ‘master’ where I add devices and accept shared folders

A config file is automatically added to each client to share C:\username\Desktop to the master with the folder id of username_desktop.

username1 logs into computer1 and shares their desktop files to master as username1_desktop which I accept on the master. username1 logs into computer2 where they have no desktop files and automatically shares desktop as username1_desktop to the master, but if I accept this username1_desktop files get deleted from the master, and then from computer1.

If instead of sharing to the master, if computer one accepted the share from the master then it would receive the files instead of deleting them. However, there doesn’t seem to be any way I can automate this.

Are my dreams of replacing folder redirection with Syncthing crushed? Is my only option to create a separate folder ID per computer and not have the Desktop folder sync across computers?

If you share the desktop on a new computer with the server, you should get the files from the server, not delete them there.

How do you automate the sharing of the folder?

The syncthing database must not be shared between the computers.

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Ah I think I know what happened then, I missed deleting the old database during my tests.

I’m using Salt to create and manage the configuration file for each user present on the computer.

Hopefully I will be able to manage the configuration file on master in the future and automatically add device IDs and folders from new devices.

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