Auto-upgrade on offline LAN

I am using syncthing for synchronizing data between LAN connected workstations. This pool of workstation are using an offline (aka noweb) network. I am looking for a way to upgrade easily my syncthing instances (both windows and linux).

I am evaluating 2 approaches:

  1. Setting up “Releases URL” on a local mirror (but I don’t have a local http server)
  2. Using syncthing to synchronize Syncthing install directory and upgrade manually one instance. Will it work after processus restart?
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Is there some SMB share available , centrally? Or maybe active directory?

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Both approaches sound like they would work.

Ok but how to mirror official repos? Do I have to write my own meta.json? Could I use file:///my/path/meta.json as URL?

You could copy and modify the official metadata, or you could write your own for just the release you have: Custom Upgrade Server — Syncthing v1 documentation

I don’t think file:// URLs will work.

Since I don’t have an http server, I should go with solution 2, don’t you think?

If you don’t have one and don’t intend to set one up, then that doesn’t seem like a great option, no.

Option 2 works, but personally, I would not use it like this. Two years ago I had a batch script running on startup. It looked into a synced folder that was synced across all my machines if a was there. If it found the file, it launched fc /b (“file compare binary”) and checked if that version was already in place on the C:/Syncthing installation folder. If not, it stopped the Syncthing windows service, replaced Syncthing.exe with and startet the service again.

It does not seem very reliable but according to your scripting skills may be a solution which could work good if you let it grow up. If you reboot during a maintenance window, Syncthing would then get updated.


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